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A Guide to Electric Showers

What is an Electric Shower?

An electric shower takes water from a cold water supply and heats it directly, as it is being used. It relies on heating mains cold water and does not use a pump.

Why Use an Electric Shower?

  • It provides instantaneous hot water and does not need a supply of hot water as it heats the water itself.
  • It provides an immediate hot and strong shower with the touch of a button.
  • It is very economical because it will only heat the water that you use.
  • It is independent of the hot water system. Therefore if the boiler fails – you are still able to have a hot shower!
  • It is environmentally friendly and uses far less energy than a traditional shower.

What kinds of electric showers are available?

The main differences to look out for when choosing an electric shower are:

  • The KW
  • The Design
  • The Accessories

The KW is the most influential aspect of the shower as it determines the power of the shower. A high power one ranges from about 8.5kw to 10.8kw. On top of the KW, there are a variety of different models of shower – all of which may offer a different shower experience – some with a more powerful spray than others.

The design of the shower is a matter of personal opinion. Some people prefer the modern, chrome look whereas some prefer a clean, white look. Generally, prices are higher for chrome showers and accessories.

All electric showers come with different accessories. Some come with soap trays, some with separate shelves and some have thermostatic controls which keep the temperature at a constant level (to avoid the water going cold when somebody else in the house uses hot water).

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