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A Guide to Burglar Alarms

What is a burglar alarm?

A burglar alarm is an electronic device which is used to deter burglars by sounding a loud bell or siren once the protected area is entered. Not only deterrents, burglar alarms can also be used to notify the property owner or police upon detection.

Is it worth buying a burglar alarm?

Throughout Britain - a home is burgled every 37 seconds and there are over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year. This shows the importance of investing in a quality burglar alarm. The alarms can act as a deterrent, both if seen on the wall of the house and once the alarm sounds. They also alert residents of the building as well as residents of surrounding buildings. Furthermore, some are linked to local police stations or central monitoring stations so that once they are sounded – the police are immediately notified.

How much does a burglar alarm cost?

AllAboutElectrics supply a range of Burglar Alarms and accessories.

Does a burglar alarm guarantee my house won’t be burgled?

There are no guarantees but without one, your chances of being burgled are much, much higher. If you were to think of a street of houses – some with burglar alarms and some without – it is far more likely that the burglar will target a house or houses without burglar alarms.

What kinds of burglar alarms are available?

There are five main types of alarms available:

  • Bells only alarms – Wireless
  • Bells only alarms – Hard wired
  • Monitored alarm system – Wireless
  • Monitored alarm system – Hard Wired
  • Dummy Alarms

Bells only Alarms

This type of alarm will just sound an alarm or siren once triggered. This may help in deterring the burglar.

Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm system allows for either: - The owner to pre-select a list of phone numbers so that when the alarm is triggered, it will automatically send signals to all the listed telephone numbers to provide awareness - A signal to be sent to a central monitoring system (provided a digicom is connected). An alarm connected to a central monitoring station is the most expensive type of alarm and is most common within commercial or large domestic premises.

Wired Alarms

A wired alarm is as it sounds – an alarm which is wired internally. A wired alarm has the advantage of being tamper-evident unlike wireless alarms.

Wireless Alarms

A wireless alarm is often thought to be less reliable. This is due to the unsuccessful wireless alarms which were first brought out. However wireless alarms have now come a long way and can be just as reliable as a hard-wired one. Nevertheless, care must be taken as a wireless alarm must be maintained and batteries must be checked regularly etc. A wireless alarm can be used in conjunction with a remote control – for simple and efficient programming.

Dummy Alarms

A dummy alarm is one which is bought in the pure hope that just the sight of it will deter burglars. As mentioned above – burglars are much less likely to choose a house where there is a visible burglar alarm outside than a house which looks as though it does not have one. Therefore a dummy alarm is a much cheaper and often successful way to help discourage burglars.

AllAboutElectrics can supply all the necessary accessories needed for use with a burglar alarm, such as:

  • Detectors
  • Batteries
  • Bell Boxes
  • Alarm Panels

Other Security Products

As well as burglar alarms – AllAboutElectrics supply a selection of Door Entry Systems.

What is a CDV Door Entry System?

A CDV Door Entry System is an electronic device which allows for users to see who is ringing at the door and / or communicate with them over a telephone system. This allows for the user to only allow entry so long as they feel safe to do so. These systems are common in flats and apartments and enforce further security which would not be attainable otherwise.

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